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Hello,I am Nihalic.I have made a new cpps cheating site.I will ONLY hire the pros.What You Need to become a author.

Email:(ex :nihalic17@gmail.com
Gender:(Male or Female)
experience:(ex: What Sites you worked for)

You MUSTknow how to take screenshots

Thank You 😀

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New Editor; Bradyman6

Hi there. Some of you may know me from other servers, but there have been imposters during my time of CPPS’s. I’m glad to be posting to you, the viewers about private servers, news, information, and more as we go along. I will post about something that is needed to be on this website, and there will be more as we go along.

I’m very excited that I’m posting here on this website, and I hope that all of you will enjoy my posting as we tend to grow bigger. I haven’t told you about my history yet have I? Well, if you are willing to know about it, it may get boring.

I’ve started playing club penguin private servers since iCPv3 was still around; it was a very funny story. I was looking for trainers for club penguin, and I came across Riley’s trainer for iCPv3. So I tried logging in as my club penguin account, and it didn’t work. So I kept on trying and trying but no go. I ask my parents what is going on, and they had no clue. So the next day, I looked up iCPv3 on the internet, and I found the website. I thought to myself “What is this?”, so I registered, and then that is where the fun began. Later on after iCPv3 shut down, I join Riley’s server “iCPPS”. It was very interesting to me because there was a mood setting, and I got very excited until it shut down a couple months later. But, Connor made iCPPS v2, and I became a mediator on the server. But then that shut down months later and I got depressed once again. I finally made my own server with my friend called “Asterix (Aka Nuke)”. We worked on that for a couple hours, and then we started editing it and design it. But then my parents didn’t alow it to go on, so I was SOL for that idea. Then I went to CPPS.me and became the normal user as I was on iCPv3. Now, I found something that I enjoy going on. The server is called “CPEmulator”, and it is made by Stanley and John. I’m a part of staff on the server, and I will try staying like that until the end of the server.

I’m sorry if I bored you already, but I assure you, I’m a very good poster, and I would like to stay like that. If you have any questions about me, you can always comment below or contact me. You can add me as a friend on Rile5 if you would like. That is one of the best ways to communicate with me.

 Take Care,


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Summityt.net :D

Hey guys summit is back 😀 this server has Rep and custom rooms and items
and marry command it a pretty cool server. and working igloos 😀


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Penguin Planet – New CPPS!

Hey guys, I just made a CPPS called Penguin Planet. It’s online. Here’s some pictures!

So, Just to tell you, It’s not hamachi, Fully working for everyone!

Penguin Planet Has Working Puffles (Well, working a bit), Stamps, Achievments, and more! I’ll add igloos soon.

Links : Play/Register. Soon adding a home page

Stay tuned for more!


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SUP GEE :3 well anyways their just CPPS called iOldCP it not a normal CPPS
it base on well old club penguin it also like a cpps with commands and
clothes and even mutiplayer

-Kevin  :DDD

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Sup bro their been a cpps that nobody mentioned on this blog
xCPPS.me I don’t remember playing much back in July 2011
but it a pretty fun CPPS. Is it just me or it been up pretty long C:


-Kevin :3



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Hello readers Its Jacob and I’m gonna be writing about CPPS.me. As most of you know CPPS.me is the biggest CPPS with the most users. CPPS.me started in September 2011 and since then it has grown to be the #1 CPPS with over 100,000 users breaking records from iCPv3. CPPS.me has working games, an AI bot and many other commands such as !up. CPPS.me has contests sometimes and gives away free nameglows. CPPS.me has good staff and is a stable server so I recommend it.

Register: http://www.secure.cpps.me/?page=reg

Play: http://cpps.me/play


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Updated CPPS!

Hello, penguins! I have found an amazing CPPS! The owner is Cool Boy and the co-owner is Tooly. In this CPPS you can create rooms and items. Abdidoz says, “It’s like a decorated Club Penguin!” “It’s the best CPPS EVER! I can’t believe they found out how to edit the rooms and items!” Says Matthew, “He said hes working on making a bot, too!” Most people rated the server 5 stars. There are some lag changing through rooms, but it doesn’t annoy most people. The reason  is because there are a few bugs with the room editing. To get your item color to change, ask Tooly! He might be on his computer but not on the CPPS, so you can tweet him!

Register: http://cpcheatscp.com/register Play: http://cpcheatscp.com/play/

Tooly’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/tooly228

Cool Boy’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Cool_Boy_714

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